ID Builders, Inc.

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About Us is a website owned and marketed by ID Builders, Inc., a company based in Marietta, Georgia.   ID Builders was founded in 2003, and has been operated and managed under the same leadership since its founding.  Though located in Georgia, we have relationships and access to sign printers, swag suppliers, and mailhouses nationwide.  Our mission is to provide you with what your campaign needs to win, when you need it!

While some people get us confused with a construction or home-building company, the company name "ID Builders" is actually derived from the world of political campaigns where everyone seeking public office is intensely interested in building-up their “Name ID” into the minds of the voters.

Through a parallel process, every business enterprise also seeks to accomplish a similar goal: to penetrate through the clutter of marketing messages their customers are bombarded with to get them to pay attention to what they sell and can provide to their target market. We help our clients by focusing on discovering their goals and how best to use our array of advertising tools and skills to build-up their brand identity by identifying and sourcing unique swag to help boost their brand identity into the minds of their prospects and clients.

Other websites marketed by ID Builders include:  (100,000+ Swag options to help your business thrive and prosper!) (Chocolate engages the human senses like no other swag product you use to promote your business or cause. Incorporating touch, smell, taste, and sight, your message will be recalled long after the chocolate passes through their lips!) -   Political Campaign Signs, Banners, Buttons, Postcards...and similar swag for political campaigns. (Postcards with magnets attached that have information you want your voter to keep handy are a proven tool to help get your message to stick in their minds) (Sports Schedule and NASCAR Schedule Magnets customized with your logo and info) is a Website Brand of ID Builders, Inc. of Marietta, Georgia | Phone: 877-311-8683

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